Major Services

Redox is very committed at making the logistic sector a, as such we have devoted so much research and investment on providing the most explicit and simplified method of transport services for her client. Hence our range of service includes;

Air Freight

Redox Company have overtime concentrated on efficient means of transporting goods by air. We carry out our air transport operation all major prominent airlines. Our operation hub include .

Courier Servivies

Redox Provide express service for the delivery of parcels and mails within and outside the country. Our global distribution network is able to provide pickup service.

Sea Freight

Technically redox engages with major shipping lines to delivery container of various equipment design to deliver cargo within the Nigeria ports and export globally. We have developed our sea freight operations with effective methodologies to be able to handle 20FT, 40FT, and 40 FT HC etc..

Worldwide Centres

We have you covered all around the world

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